Presenting your own product or service is the most important step. Need photos of your product or service for further promotion? Want to introduce a marketing agency and have great photo and video material? And above all, do you want reliable, quality, up-to-date and responsible partners?

FUTURISTA is happy to offer its current and future customers the best solutions. Day-to-day solutions that are discovered and learned, because learning never stops.

Photo Services

Our primary criteria are professionalism, quality, flexibility and speed of photo delivery. You can entrust us with your special events, meetings, presentations, weddings, events, gala dinners, as well as other occasions.

Video Services

As a great love, in addition to photographic services, we also offer you a video recording service. We make promo trailer videos lasting a few minutes to make all your events, presentations and everything else interesting to the viewer. For the purpose of recording, we are constantly improving and our equipment. We use a variety of gadgets.

Even though there are two of us in the team, we often know how to invite reinforcements, depending on the event, so you don't have to worry about getting all the important moments. Believe me, we are like little ninjas.

If you want to start your own Youtube channel, need help purchasing equipment, or maybe you want to record a series of educational material, contact us with confidence.

Process old photos into digital form

Do you have old photos that you would like to give a new look to? No problem. We scan old photos and retouch them to make them look like the first day. If you do not have time to process photos or make a photomontage, feel free to contact us.

Take photos during the event

Want to give a unique keepsake to your guests? Fast and quality photography service with your branding at the event is not a problem for us.

Need our assistance?

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