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My name is Ivana Basic ex Udovicic. I have been actively involved in sports all my life. In the lower grades, these were activities such as acrobatic rock and roll, athletics and table tennis, and as the crown of it all, there was love, Latin American and standard dances.

Dancing has entered my life through the big door. I've been dancing for twenty years. Recreational and professional. Dancing is definitely my big love!

Practicing standard and Latin American dances, I became a finalist in national championships in both standard and Latin American dances. I was the state champion in standard dances.

I have participated in numerous wdsf tournaments. It was a heavy road. It has been intensive training for years. Instead of holidays, we spent our days in dance halls, regularly and on preparations outside the city, the state. Today, with a step back, I can say, a fantastic experience! I have hundreds of hours worked behind me, many happy young dancers and newlyweds who are always special to work with! Even more completed courses, both with the smallest ones, and with the slightly older, and even more mature generations. I can proudly say that I got my dance training at Fredi Dance School. We were taught by excellent teachers. It is one of the oldest and highest quality dance schools. I learned from many of our and foreign teachers. I also danced under the flag of Bosnia for a while.

Today I enjoy dancing, as a hobby. I attend ballet and jazz dance classes.

Let me share some of my love of dance with you and introduce you to the enchanting world of dance.

There are no two left or two right legs, there is only work and perseverance that will ultimately lead you to your goal! Regardless of your reason for coming, for example first dance, prom night, an important event or simply a desire to learn how to dance. We will adapt to your wishes and possibilities to the maximum.

I hope that you will be the one who will entrust me with the performance of the first dance!

I am also addressing you who may have always wanted to learn to dance, but there was no time or life circumstances simply did not allow it.

Or you just want a different team building that will stay in everyone's memory.

So contact us with confidence!

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