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I started organizing and coordinating wedding ceremonies from a hobby, but over time that hobby grew into something much more, a job I do with a lot of love and patience. Organizing a wedding requires not only a lot of time, patience, resourcefulness, and creativity but also trust, and that is what we can offer you!

How much time it takes to organize a wedding is an individual question. It depends on the planned number of guests, the place where the ceremony will take place, but it mostly depends on the wishes and desires of the fiancés themselves, the future newlyweds.

Since the biggest problem today is the lack of time, that's where our job, wedding organizer / coordinator, starts. What we offer you is an ideal schedule according to which everything should go smoothly and without stress.

So let's go!

First of all, you need to consider the budget you have, and when and where you would like to hold your wedding ceremony. And then we perform on stage! We start collecting offers to find an adequate space that will be equally acceptable for you in terms of price and ambience.

Once we have determined the most important part related to the date and space of the ceremony, we start with a series of meetings and collection of offers related to flowers, clothing, food selection, band, photographer, pastry chef, hairdresser, all within your budget.

Taught by experience we are a team that balances between you and the service provider. There are often situations when you can't stay calm and composed due to a lot of stress, for example when negotiating the style of the party itself or when choosing menus or songs, the organizer is there to do everything to get thoughtful.

We are the ones who will coordinate the ceremony on the very day of your wedding, and the only thing you have to do is come happy and completely relaxed and ready for the craziest and happiest day of your life. Why is it important to choose us? I will reveal this to you on the example of one beautiful wedding that I had the privilege of organizing. A week before the wedding ceremony, due to family reasons, the soloist canceled our singing in the church in a small environment where our possibilities were limited. I don’t think I need to specifically emphasize the amount of stress I faced just a week before the wedding itself. But if you know what’s best, the newlyweds didn’t know what was going on at all, until the moment we successfully solved the problem and arranged a new soloist.

Advantages of booking wedding organizers:


  2. Planning the act of the wedding itself, helping to choose the music and rings

  3. Help in finding the ideal photographer, cameraman, pastry chef, hairdresser, florist,

  4. Preparation of invitations and thank you notes

  5. Assistance and organization related to chair rental, tents and catering

  6. Help in choosing the ideal wedding dress and suit

  7. Option to organize transportation by limousine or mini bus

  8. Option to organize a girl's or boy's party

  9. Assistance and supervision of potential contracts

  10. Coordination of people and affairs on the day of your wedding

  11. Doing business after the wedding ceremony. Returning what is rented and paying all participants and their engagement.

Happy faces of newlyweds is the greatest pleasure of this job! It’s nice to see that in a way you’re becoming a second “godmother,” and most of all you rejoice in the indescribable happiness of the newlyweds after the end of their day.

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