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If you want to have or create a website, you need to rent a web hosting package, a suitable place where you will place your website so that they are visible on the Internet.

The most important things for laymen when it comes to hosting are: speed, support and security. As my brother advises me, I listen to him. But I set out to do a little research and that’s how I was educated.

Hosting services vary depending on the complexity. They are available from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars. For just a few dollars you can get “shared” hosting that you share with many other users. Which can be very precarious and unstable.

If you still want a little more stable hosting and better support, I will highlight what is important to you when choosing.

You need to see how important support is to you. Basic Services provides users with access to email and telephone support. The price varies greatly about the availability of support. It is important to estimate the amount of traffic you expect.

Avalon offers 3 hosting packages: Start, Medium and Business whose main difference is:

  • disk space size,
  • monthly bandwidth,
  • the number of domains, ie web pages that you can place on the hosting package.

Web hosting tips

Ask to be recommended a hosting package!

Compare resources and supported technologies of web hosting packages!

Remember: the space on the web hosting package includes space for the web and email service!

Pay attention to the technology in which your web pages are created (ASP, PH P)! Use email addresses with your own domain!

Always compare the relationship between price, web hosting package resources and quality of customer support!

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