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One of the most modern and realistic displays of your apartment, villa, restaurant, etc. are just virtual walks or walks with 360-degree panoramas. Your space is presented in an interesting way, and potential customers or guests have the opportunity to feel like they are in that space. A big trend with the video presentation of your facility is the virtual walk, and by creating a virtual tour, you will be above the competition.

A virtual walk on your website

Each virtual walk is customized for display on mobile devices, and with each completed walk, you get a url with which you can more easily share and publish a virtual walk.

Virtual walks are an interesting novelty in the presentation of real estate that does not leave buyers indifferent. The benefits of using virtual walks are numerous.

Interactive design

Buyers are no longer just passive observers, they are actively involved in discovering the property on offer. By virtually walking through your potential new home, buyers can more easily imagine themselves in it.

Always available sightseeing

By creating a virtual walk for a particular property to potential buyers the property is always available for sightseeing. Which saves vendors time and reduces the number of field trips.

Facilitated sightseeing for foreign buyers

Virtual walks allow interested buyers from other countries to more easily get an impression of the property on offer and decide to go on a trip to see it.

Promotion opportunities

Virtual walks are an effective promotional tool. They can be published on the agency's website, advertising portals, shared via social networks, in blog posts and through other digital channels.

Increased sales efficiency

The availability of a virtual walk through the property filters only interested buyers and reduces the number of unpleasant surprises in the field. It saves sellers time and allows them to dedicate themselves only to really interested customers. Which ultimately results in increased sales efficiency.

The price of virtual tours depends on the size of the object and the number of shooting points. For renting an apartment, the price is 1400.00 kn For all questions call +385 98 936 8566

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