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Each of us in life sometimes finds ourselves in a situation where we don’t know where to start. We often reach for google or yahoo and look for salvation. I hope that my “Tip and Trick” will also serve as a lifeline for someone!

1. The first thing we have to do, tell the happy news to everyone, our whole family and friends! Celebrate! Take some time to enjoy those moments of happiness before you even start planning and thinking about what all you have to do and find for your big day!

2. The following is the beginning of your planning. Sit down with your future better half and determine what time of year you want to say “YES” . Which season connects you the most, fulfills you. Once you have determined the desired season, start with the month and finally the date itself. See which weekends are an option. Do certain numbers mean anything to you? Do you remember them easily? Or you will simply choose the first free available date.

3. After the agreed date, you should check in the registry office or church , (depending on whether it is a church or civil wedding), whether the desired dates are available so that we can arrange the official part of the wedding ceremony .

4. What is potentially the biggest problem of the organization itself is finding adequate space. In my opinion, along with the band and the photographer, this is one of the top three that must be booked immediately in order to close the very construction of the wedding ceremony. Looking at the ratio of quality of service, food, ambiance, and the price of the space itself, it should be noted that those that provide the best ratio of these components are also spaces that assume good booking. Personally, I think that you can always find something that will completely delight and satisfy you but it requires a lot of work, acquaintances, contacts, but also the ability of the wedding organizer to fully satisfy all the wishes of his clients! There are websites that can help you with this. Connect with Facebook pages where you can independently ask others about their experiences and recommendations.

5. Once we have agreed on the three most important items about the wedding date, we can start thinking about the previously mentioned and certainly indispensable band as the most important component of the wedding celebration itself! Surely each of us wants the guests and the newlyweds to have a great time. Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing a band. I advise you not only to be guided by our wishes but also to think a little about our guests at the wedding. The guiding thread is that all ages and generations on the dance floor are well . And the road to the dance floor is in the hands of an experienced band. Since the band is the captain of our wedding ship, it is necessary to do a few meetings with potential musicians of our wedding and determine all the details about the playlist, potential vocals, gigs in breaks, the ability to play at the request of our guests, the time until which musicians will entertain us and our guests, but also many other small details that mean the wedding!

6. Photographers! Interesting point! Today, at wedding fairs, you can really find a large number of photographers with similar books and photo stacking themes. I advise you to take enough time to study a whole range of experienced photographers to really find the one that will best know how to answer all your wishes. Be sure to check out their work. Pay attention to the details, to the look of the photo, to the emotion that the photos convey, or see if potential photographers can convey the emotion of the moment! It may not be bad to study the topic before the search to get a vision of what you want from your wedding photos. in the photos to keep them as a wonderful memory for a lifetime at the very beginning of your life together. Also, pay attention to the little things like the clear message you want to have in the photos! Don’t forget to immortalize moments with your family, friends. As much as it seemed normal to you now, believe me, there have been situations when newlyweds would realize that they do not have photos with their loved ones And that is why it is necessary to communicate all the details with your photographer.

7. The wedding ceremony and ceremony can now be realized and at this moment we can start thinking about less important things that do not guarantee the success of the wedding itself, but relate to things like looks! Let's start with clothes and shoes! Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. The search should initially be based on the website of the salon with wedding dresses, and when you understand what your wedding dress should or could look like, then you embark on an interesting journey of trying on the most beautiful dresses with your sister, godmother, and friends. The same goes for the groom!

8. At the very end, but no less important is flowers , which gives a romantic and fairytale note to our wedding through which we can send a message to our guests. Of course, we must also mention the wedding bouquet, which will possibly become a symbol of marriage to our friend who catches it or as a dried bouquet remind us through the life of one of our happiest days . Certainly, it is necessary to set aside time for flowers, to study the season of a certain flower, to see if such arrangements suit us. I advise you to give bouquets from the wedding or small arrangements later to your loved ones.

9. We still have Invitations and Acknowledgments! on the list. Approaching the end, we must also decide on how to invite our guests. Will we opt for simpler variants or for those made by hand, unique or personalized. The market is really big. View pictures, read impressions, compare prices. Think about what is sure to make your invitation special and what will make it even more special. Compose it in the theme of the wedding, in color, in style. Make sure everything is part of one wonderful story that guests will feel.

10. We will list some more little things such as catering for gatherings with the bride/groom and tamburitza players who will accompany you, as well as makeup and hairstyles that you have to arrange and shoes that you have to buy. A bachelorette and bachelorette party that would be great to organize and wedding rings to choose and buy. The last thing on our list is guest gifts . It would be nice if you could personalize that too. A small bottle of wine or brandy with your wedding date, magnets with a picture, mugs with the date of your song, or some nice quote. A nice idea for gifts are certainly small donuts packed in a personalized box (who doesn't like to take food home?), Mini personalized bottles of champagne that guests can take home, the choice is really large.

Small personalized soaps or personalized rollers are also possible, in which you will put a few drops of aromatic oils for relaxation. There is certainly no shortage of ideas on the internet! Search, watch, compare!

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