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13.9.2020. Let's go!!

We could hardly wait. We took off in the morning by car to Treviso with two children (1.1 year and 3.5 year). The girls slept a little in the car so the ride was bearable. In Treviso, we stopped at the Pizzeria Spaghetti House Santa Lucia The interior is large, and the outdoor space also with a little park for children. The swings, the slide, and the drawn school, which took me back to my childhood, were enough for the girls to enjoy and to welcome the food without much nervousness. The portions were large, the food delicious, the staff friendly.

The flight was scheduled for 7 p.m. Unfortunately, it was over an hour late, so our trip took a little longer. The first part of the flight was spent in the game, the second in the dream (at least as far as the girl is concerned). Just a small digression about the kids and the road. During longer trips, I advise parents to carry different toys or games that do not take up much space so that they can rotate them for the children and make their journey less boring. Personally, for Tenerife, I brought a small cooking set, a couple of Barbies, a few Lego bricks, a microphone, and two books. I have to admit that it has become our “must-have routine” more or less wherever we go. The girls learned to travel that way and it works great. When everyone is bored, mom is here :)

We landed around half-past two, picked up the car, drove an hour, and crashed happily into bed! Lack of sleep didn’t stop us from getting up early the next day. We rented the car through the company Cicar, for which we have only words of praise.

As for the hotel itself, we booked Best Semiramis, Puerto de la Cruz. The hotel is of course for every recommendation! The view is fantastic! The food is delicious. Breakfast buffet. Dinner too. It ranged from Mexican, Chinese, fish specialties to “plain” fries and fried chicken. Drinks are paid for at dinner if you want to have a drink. The service was phenomenal. Friendly staff. They love children (maybe because the hotel isn’t very kids friendly, so there aren’t a lot of kids inside). They have a small playroom with not much content and it is not overly clean. That's my only complaint about the hotel. The rooms are nice, tidy, and clean. They also have a gym that we didn’t use because we were chronically short of time.

Honestly, I didn’t even look for a hotel with a lot of children’s facilities because I knew we weren’t going to stay in it too long. And it was like that. For seven days, the first night we swam in the hotel pool. There was no lack of night facilities at the hotel. A little gig and dance, a little billiards completely met our needs. Our schedule was pretty crumpled anyway.

The first morning after a wonderful breakfast we headed to Loro Park in the city where we were staying. Puerto de la Cruz. This is a must-see for both children and adults. It takes you at least half a day to walk through the park. In addition to penguins, chimpanzees, monkeys, sea seals, and other animals, I would also recommend a show with orcs, dolphins, and seals. In the park, you can relax with ice cream or a concrete lunch. Our older one especially liked the small kid's zone with tree houses and a slide. In the afternoon we ended up walking around the center, however, we quickly went back to the hotel to have some dinner because the girls were too sleepy.

We decided to use the second day to go to a small shopping center in the south and walk along the coast. Playa de las Americas and Playa de Los Christianos are beaches you will visit. Learn from our mistakes! Swimming suits and towels are mandatory luggage that must accompany you all over the island! Just in case. We didn’t have it with us and missed the swim, but that’s why we enjoyed drinking coffee and ice cream! The weather was perfect for us! The south is full of hotels, and therefore cafes, restaurants, shops, and surfers :). After shopping, we headed to the hotel.

Third day. Monkey park! Another must-see park in my opinion if you are with children! Great park for getting closer to animals. You can also buy animal food at the entrance, which turned out to be convenient because the children enjoy feeding them. The more dangerous one is in the cage, and the one you can feed is outside, and you can play with them and cuddle them, which was a great experience for the children. You don’t need a lot of time, for it, about an hour. The sweetest were the monkeys in cages who searched the box for themselves and took what they liked best, and one, in particular, impressed me and made me laugh to tears as he tried to pull the whole food container out of my hands. We were laughing all day. After the park, we headed to Los Gigantes I have to admit that it was a bit of a crisis day for us because we drove a lot everywhere and we were already a little tired, the sun was strong and the heat was strong so we started eating in a slightly better restaurant whose name, unfortunately, I can't remember, although was next to the cliffs and the food was fantastic. We planned on a boat trip but soon gave up and headed to Puerto de la Cruz for a walk around town and ice cream. The inevitable place was certainly the park that was found along the way. After ice cream and coffee we recharged our batteries for further walks and dancing on the beach :) A little photo session and searching for souvenirs :) We found parking through the miraculous "google maps" and "parking near bye" :) The weather was warm all the time, the south is warmer, and the north colder (which means it's good to take a little jacket with you). Definitely a good combination to cool off.

Fourth day! (We are approaching the end of our beautiful journey, what makes me sad), of course, that did not stop us from going further on our tour of the island. La Orotava! We had coffee first! The younger one fell asleep so we caught at least a little “parental peace” in the small square and then headed to the Jardines Victoria, a beautiful green oasis. We took a walk, enjoyed the greenery, and then headed towards the Anaga forest! In my opinion, recommend, especially for all lovers of nature and fresh air. We strolled a bit through the woods which looks pretty like they let you in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. After the walk, we drank coffee and ate ice cream at a beautiful checkpoint with a view that knocks us off our feet. Descending from the mountain, we had to stop at Las Teresitas beach, north of the village of the municipality of San Andrés Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Beautiful sandy beach! What surprised me was the warmth of the sea. Due to the strong nature and air, the girls fainted. They failed to take a bath, but that’s why we, as good and responsible parents both ran into the sea, leaving the kids to sleep on the beach! Of course, one eye was on them the whole time and we were in the sea together for maybe a few minutes, but it was great! As it was already late afternoon (5 pm), after swimming we continued towards Santa Cruz and to the hotel for dinner. It was one of the few evenings when we were taking advantage of the hotel facilities (billiards, band, gig, and dance). The girls were dancing and we enjoyed them and the music, at least me :)

Fifth day! It’s time to head south again, this time to Siam Park! Maybe someone will say that it is pointless to spend a day at an aqua park because there is much of it around Europe, and I will just say that everyone has half a day to relax and enjoy in a such wonderful aqua park. There is content again for the youngest as well as for the slightly older ones. "The lost city" is a real small water park for children where it rains from all sides, which did not delight our girls because it fell on their heads, but they were delighted with small water slides, playing on the sand in Cocoa Beach, which is slightly smaller beach than The Wave Beach. Also, the bravest, including my husband, can try the "Tower of Power", let's say, an extremely high and steep slide that you can only go on if you have a strong heart. I enjoyed the baby gear and Naga race the most! Of course, if you are planning to visit Siam Park, take a look at their page where you can explore all the attractions and maybe choose the ones you must visit! Reminder, if you plan to go to both parks buy a duo ticket for Loro and Siam because it is cheaper.

The sixth day means that the return home is too close. Today the plan was to visit a small town in the north, Icod de Los Vinos. Every arrival in a place would mostly put us first for coffee, maybe because of so much driving or simply because the younger one would be asleep at the time so we took the opportunity. Plaza Andres de Lorenzo Caceres is a good place for a coffee for us parents with children, you will guess why! The park is right next to the square, which is perfect for children to let mom and dad take a break :). This does not apply to us who have a child of one-year :). After a “coffee in peace”, we set out to find their most famous attraction. El Drago Millenario, a tree over a thousand years old. We walked around the place a bit more, bought some nice souvenirs, and continued our way south to enjoy the sun and the sea a bit more. Playa de Las Americas! Again! but this time we took bathing suits and towels! It was windy, but the sun is so strong that we were enjoyed the wind. I think it’s insane to remind that sun creams are must-have, especially with kids! And hats !! We spent the afternoon playing in the pool from the sea that the rocks made, playing with little stones, and enjoying the sun!

Seventh-day! Breakfast and sadness as we leave! But all that is beautiful is short-lived! Before the flight, we decided to visit the beach of El Medano, which in my opinion is a must-see! It is beautiful, big, bright sand, waves, surfers. Splendor! We drank coffee and headed for the plane!

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