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We left a little later than planned because of work! We traveled to the Hotel Alpina in Kranjska Gora for two and a half hours with a light stop and only around 4 pm we were ready to go out of the hotel. We left the first evening for a light walk and a bit of playing on the snow, although the girls were most looking forward to the hotel and playroom :)

This is the second year that we have chosen the Alpina hotel for our accommodation. We love it because the hotel is near the ski slope, we park the car and do not move it if we do not need to. The hotel itself is clean, tidy, the rooms spacious enough, nothing luxurious.

We both love to board so it is important to us that we can change quickly, or, for example, If weather is not so good for us and if we can't be out for a long time because of the children, one of us goes to the hotel to rest and play and the other stays on the snow to enjoy. We go with friends every year so it’s more fun for both us and the kids!

Dinner at the hotel during the off ski season (this year we were from 13.-16.1.) is not so rich as, say, in the period from 2.-6.1. so if you’re a big foodie lower who wants a rich buffet keep that in mind. The food at the hotel was great and there was something for everyone every day. We took option with breakfast included, and for dinner, we signed up on the spot or had dinner outside. Lunch was mostly on the trail, more precisely below the trail itself, where there is something for everyone. From hot cooked food to so to speak junk food.

The ski resort in Kranjska Gora is not huge. Fans and true fans of skiing and snowboarding with many years of experience will probably not choose Kranjska Gora because of the smaller number of trails as well as smaller trails.

For us, families with small children, who are just starting to learn, Kranjska Gora is a top choice and an unavoidable place to fall in love with this type of sport and vacation :).

We put our children in the hands of a coach from Intersport Bernik. and we were very pleased.

What we especially liked was the place for sledding, so even the youngest ones have a place to enjoy. There is no danger that you will be picked up by a skier, but there is a danger that someone older will pick you up while sledding, so you must be careful in any case. In Kranjska Gora, you can rent or buy sleds so there is no need to carry them with you if you do not have space.

Inside the hotel, there is a playroom for children, which made it much easier for us parents to rest after the slope because the children played in the playroom all the time during their stay in the hotel and we enjoyed the hotel living room :) The center of Kranjska Gora is only a hundred meters from the hotel. It is approximately a 10-minute easy walk away. In the center, there is a small skating rink for children and adults. There is no shortage of winter sports!

In the center (Alpine village) you must eat their torn pancakes with Nutella (the name is forgotten), very good, and one serving enough for at least three people (only if you do not decide to eat sweet for dinner).

We, girls, used the first evening for ourselves and went to the Wellness center. A little sauna, a little jacuzzi. The guys went night skiing the next day, so everyone enjoyed their way. Every year we go to the Ramada Hotel for swimming pools because we know that children love it! It is good to mention that all guests at the Alpina Hotel have a 20 percent discount on tickets.

The weather has served us well this year. The sun warmed us every day, so we decided on the last day, after the checkout, to stop by Lake Jasna. 5min from the hotel. Definitely for every recommendation! The children fed the ducklings, after which we sat down and drank coffee enjoying the winter sunny idyll.

Next year we will report from another location! Any suggestion is welcome!

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