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During the last month, more precisely during Valentine's Day, Huawei had an action whereby buying two smartwatches, the second cheaper one gets a 50% discount. So I also had the opportunity to test the devices that saw the light of day in September 2019.

Basic specifications of Huawei watch gt2 classic:

  • watch size 46mm

  • weight 41g

  • waterproof up to 50 meters

  • 1.29 "OLED with 326 PPI

  • Huawei Lite OS

  • 4GB of memory

  • 455mAh battery: approximately 14 days of use

  • Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, speaker and microphone

  • Basic specifications of the Huawei watch gt2 Elegant*

  • clock dimension 42 mm

  • weight of 29g

  • waterproof up to 50 meters

  • 1.2 "OLED with 326 PPI

  • Huawei Lite OS

  • 2GB of memory

  • Battery: Approximately 7 days of use

  • Bluetooth 5.o, GPS

The predecessor of the GT2 did not take too much attention from me, but with innovations such as the quality of the screen, batteries, the ability to talk, built-in GPS and the prospects that are made for everyone.

The classic version of the GT2 is a blend of a traditional watch but from the inside of a smartwatch. With a leather bracelet, black bezel, and silver case, it will be recognized on the hand of every man. Ideal for office work, because of the leather bracelet I do not recommend going with it to measure swimming activity. With that said, it is recommended that you get a variety of bracelets that are available through eBay, Amazon, snoopers, ...

The main difference between the Sport and Classic models as opposed to the smaller 42mm watches, which includes the Elegant option, is that the smaller models canNOT talk over the clock because they do not have a microphone or speaker and that the battery is WEAKER in smaller models. I know it seems unfair to me, but I think that in the next heirs this problem will be solved. Both models have a perfect screen that looks nice and no pixels are visible. You have the Always-On screen option, but keep in mind that this option will drastically shorten your battery life.

This watch belongs primarily as a daily helper, but still retains important items such as heart rate sensor, activity counter, stress calculation, and VO2Max. It works perfectly with all devices running the Android OS, while the same cannot be said for iOS devices where it is realistically deprived of several features, so don't look to buy it if you have one of the iPhone devices. It connects via the Huawei Health app that tells you how to connect and is not complicated. If you do not have one of the Huawei models, you need to install Huawei Mobile Services additionally. The watch face is limited and you cannot create your own, so you are limited to those on the Huawei Health app. You can link the app to a Google Fit account. It charges ONLY with its magnetic charger.

But still looking, and knowing the limiting Huawei Lite OS, I think this watch is the best buy currently on the market. Their price ranges from 1500 - 2200 kn depending on the model. Autonomy is great considering where more expensive competitors barely make it to the fifth day.

If you need a watch to help you see notifications from your phone while it's not near you, you want to see heart rate statistics, sleep quality and also occasionally use GPS while running with the Huawei watch GT2 you won't regret it.

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