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Family. Friends. Helping. Dance. Job. Travel. Nature. Learning. These are all things that make me extremely happy. And I finally have them all!

I have always been a curious, exploratory nature. I’ve always loved trying something new. Some new sport. Some new work. I was constantly looking for myself. Dancing became my first big love. Today, I try to pass that part of love on to others. There is no better feeling than satisfied newlyweds, satisfied clients who gladly return to the hall, small and big children who run into your arms after some big competition they won, and you know that you helped them in that! Undescribable!

When I got my family, my priorities changed a bit but I still stayed attached to the dance.

With my girls, I started thinking more and more about parenting, about what I give them to eat, drink, what I apply to their skin. With what I clean the house. It started to be very important to me. I was aware of the fact that today everything together is much more polluted. That we no longer live in that world when our people dug potatoes, raised domestic animals, and when we generally ate more food than we knew where it came from. Today, all together, they have lost some compass. We don’t know what we eat, we don’t know what we drink, we don’t know what we breathe. That is why it has become important for me to make sure, as much as I can, that at least our home is a healthy oasis.

I want to give my children maximum support, their body, their immunity, physical activity . I want, if I can, to be careful about what I wash my clothes with, what I use to lubricate them, what products I use to clean the house. All of this affects their skin and immunity. That's why I turned to nature. In every way. As many outings in nature, in the air, if there is a possibility of going to the sea, to the mountains, to the countryside, jumping on puddles and similar things that were once under normal, and today are unfortunately lost in the sea of ​​informatization. I have a diffuser in my home with essential oils that have changed my and my family’s lives. And that's news! Essential oils! At home I finally have natural cleansing products for absolutely every part of my home. And I can’t describe to you how happy I am about that! What the essential oils have brought me is the benefit of helping others , spreading my story, and finally the possibility of some financial independence ! I do this job with my heart. I educate myself and others on how to use essential oils and how to turn to a life without chemicals. I don't give my money to big corporations where most of the earnings go to leading people, but I support every average family that wants the same thing I do, which is to provide security, a hot meal, and all the things that are necessary for life and all those who make us infinitely happy! !!

Enjoy your day, and see you either at a workshop, or in the hall!

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