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We would like to present to you a new gadget, a gadget with which you will achieve the stillness of the recording during the recording of important events. As you can see on Youtube, some videos have a still shot even though it’s about fast and sporty movements, while others struggle in every way, to get the stillness of the footage through software capabilities.

In the new version of Osmo Mobile 3, they eliminated a lot of shortcomings and added a couple of new options as well as a connection using the completely new DJI Mimo application.

This gimbal has a folding mechanism and as such is very practical for transport and assembly. No more wheels to turn, adjust the weight and position of the phone. I used it with the iPhone 11 pro max, and I was able to set it up with a mask as well, which means that most cell phones will fit the new Mobile 3.

With the new design, you have the option to charge your cell phone because you have free access to the charger. The gimbal is charged via the Type C charger, and you have all the keys as before, with one new one coming on the back of the device. You also have the option of connecting an external microphone.

The button on the front (M) and the button behind the gimbal allow you to lock the gimbal, center, track, turn on the "sport" mode and change the front and rear camera, change the portrait or horizontal view of the camera.

For the battery, they claim that it should last you about 15 hours of work, but after a few days of use, I still didn't need to charge it.

DJI Mimo App

I was thrilled with the app that got so many new options to improve the user experience, and a simplified way to use it. With this gimbal, you will achieve enviable videos. Intelligent recording mode offers you options such as Active track, hyper-lapse, motion lapse, timelapse. The Active Track option works fantastically and makes the camera follow you as you move around the room. Sport mode helps you record football devices or actions that normally take place much faster. Story mode allows you to take advantage of pre-made suggestions to instantly share your video with everyone.

My recommendation is to get the COMBO option because with the tripod you will be able to reach and take advantage of 100% of this opportunity, and the bag helps you preserve the gimbal. You can see some photos below:

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