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During the summer of 2019, we started shooting promo videos of mobile homes on the island of Murter. We managed with various equipment and for a start created a good foundation for further development.

Through many years of work in tourism, we have realized that more and more people are finding accommodation on their own, coming into direct contact with the owners of the accommodation.As a solution to this new issue, we have devised a package of services to better position your accommodation and be recognized among the general population, so that it can be more easily found on social networks.

We offer you creating for your pages on social networks, setting up chatbots, creating promotional materials, making photos for you and your business, and shooting promo videos. Precisely short videos are recognized as a must-have, they are much easier to implement on your website or the Facebook page as opposed to a virtual walk.

Our goal is to show your business story and the environment in which it is located realistically, to bring you as close as possible to the future use of your services

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