Hello everyone!

First of all, we will try to introduce ourselves briefly! We are young ambitious people full of knowledge and ideas that we have decided to unite in the "Futurist" project! We are the parents of two beautiful girls who make us happy every day, because of whom everything in life is worth working for and worth living for. We both completed a project management study (Ec.S.- economic specialist). We have been in this business for many years, we just wanted to embody it in our common story. The idea is to provide a unique service, for each one individually, that will help young people to succeed in the realization of their idea in the absence of time. If it is a service of organizing an event, wedding, birthday, christening or photography and filming services, contact us with confidence..

Of course that's not all, browsing our web site you will see that there are many more services and combinations of services that we do. That is why the idea of "FUTURISTS" was created.

Together we love to travel, learn new things, board, enjoy the little things, play board games. We love to hang out, we love sports. My husband is a true lover of technology, cars, gadgets and everything that the modern age brings, and I am more of an old-fashioned girl who likes to read (books, not kindl-although of course I use it), be in nature, dance.

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